WZO Elections

The World Zionist Congress (WZC), also known as the Parliament of the Jewish People, comprises 500 delegates and meets every 5 years in Jerusalem. It enables delegates to exert ideological influences on both Israeli society and the global Jewish agenda, as well as to allocate financial and other resources to various organizations- including the Reform Movement in Israel.

The 38th WZC is scheduled to meet in Jerusalem from October 20-23, 2020 in Jerusalem. The elections will determine the size of the delegations to the Congress, and will be held JANUARY 21-MARCH 11, 2020.

A strong election turnout among North American Reform Jews and their allies will ensure that financial resources will continue to flow to Reform congregations and institutions.

Information and registration for voting can be found at this link: Click Here.

Register and vote the ARZA slate.

It is important that all Temple Emanuel congregants vote, and that we show a strong turnout for this election.