ARZA Shabbat Service – Israel Engagement

ARZAJune 15, 2018
Oneg at 6:00pm – Services at 6:30pm

Temple Emanuel members engage with Israel in many, very different ways. For some of us, we connect through shared peoplehood and cultural history, finding common ground in the food, music, and stories that we share. For others, the connection is strongest through shared values and heritage, which is deeply rooted in the Torah, Talmud, and Rabbis. Still others appreciate the commitment to welcoming threatened Jews from all parts of the world, ensuring that those of us in the diaspora always have somewhere to go where we will be welcomed wholeheartedly. Or maybe you have another reason that connects you with the “other half” of the world’s Jews in our homeland.

On Friday, June 15 at 6:30pm, ARZA is partnering with the Rabbi and Cantor to create an Israel Engagement Shabbat Service. We will feature short talks from a wide range of Temple members with diverse experiences and connections. Confirmed speakers include David Greeley, Rebecca Rich, and Jeremy Sharp. We will include music and readings related to the Israel connection, and generally explore how we each engage.

Please mark your calendars. Whether you have a deep connection with Israel or not, whether you’ve been there or not, this should be a great opportunity to learn more and celebrate together. We hope to see you there.