Spring 2020 ~ Chugim News

Religious School Chugim Are So Much Fun

Sewing Is Fun
By: Jacob Balaban, Grade 5

Sewing is a skill of making things with string and needles. Sometimes it’s used for toys or blankets. Sewing is fun, and my art teacher and my mom taught me how to sew. I’m sure the kids in knitting and crochet love to sew.

Baking Delicious Sugar Cookies
By: Rachel Sachs, Grade 6

I’m Rachel and today I’ll be talking about the cooking chug. In cooking, 10 kids and a teacher tackle cooking traditional Jewish meals and treats. The teacher splits up the jobs and gives everyone something to do. Later, they put all the parts together and whip up a delicious meal. This Chugim includes cookers of all experience and is open to anyone in Grades 5-7 in Hebrew School. I surveyed some of the members of the Chug, and they said, “They enjoyed eating the most and they were currently baking sugar cookies with sprinkles.” Thank you so much for listening.

The Secret Behind Hamentachens
By: Lena Lourenco, Grade 4

I bet you’ve never heard of the secret behind these mouth-watering, sugary, and sticky desserts. Everyone thinks it means Hamen’s hat, but really it means Hamen’s pocket. Yes, indeed Hamen’s pocket. But now you are probably wondering why it’s Hamen’s pocket; it’s because he is very selfish and greedy. You also probably didn’t know that there are peanut butter and Jelly, s’more, and pomegranate flavors of hamentachens.

Knitting and Crocheting for the Homeless
By: Dalia Hatty Paletz, Grade 3

Knitting and crocheting is in Room 6. Whoever does this chug either knits or crochets. Morah Kwait is in charge of this chug. Some people knit or crochet to make scarves, blankets and other things for the homeless and poor. They use different types of materials such as yarn, crochet hooks and knitting needles.

Singing Jewish Songs in the Choir Chug
By: Audrey Blake, Grade 6

The Temple Emanuel Choir Chug meets during Sunday school on every other Sunday. Cantor Lindsay teaches the chug. The chug meets in the sanctuary. During the chug, people in the choir sing Jewish songs. Sometimes they practice for a performance during services or Sunday school. Anyone in Grades 3-7 is welcome to join the Choir Chug, and you can join, too!

Anyone Who Loves To Sing Can Join the Choir Chug
By: Sadie Donnelly, Grade 6

Choir is taught in the sanctuary by Cantor Lindsay. They sing Jewish Songs and perform at outside places. They all get books filled with the songs. They also perform sometimes at Friday services. Anyone who loves to sing in Grades 3-7 can join.