Music and Art

Shiru L'Adonai

Shiru L'Adonai



Music at Temple Emanuel

At Temple Emanuel, our rich musical tradition enriches worship with meaning and joy.  Cantor Lindsay leads our congregation in a wide array of familiar and new melodies.

Musical Groups

Kol Zimrah Choir: Our congregational choir is a wonderful way to experience Jewish music, participate in worship services and concerts, and learn the music of our liturgy. Previous music and/or choir experience is welcome but not required. No auditions necessary, only a love for singing.

Kol Ruach Junior Choir: Kol Ruach is a fun and exciting way for kids to spend time with their friends, learn fun songs, and connect musically to Judaism. Join Cantor Lindsay in leading Temple Emanuel in song, participating in various services and concerts throughout the year.

Mizmor L’Shabbat Band: Our ensemble of musicians including electric bass, piano, guitars, and drums, adds ruach and energy to our Shabbat Worship.  Our home-grown band of temple members enhance our music and sense of community when they share the bimah, leading many times throughout the year.

No auditions are necessary to join any of these groups, only a love for singing and music. For more information, please contact Cantor Lindsay


Art in HaMakom

Throughout the year, we display the work of local artists, photographers, and craftspeople on the walls of HaMakom. The artists and photographers come to us through recommendations and suggestions. It is a pleasure to go into the room and not know what to expect and then voila, a beautiful environment.

If you know of artists or photographers, please ask if they are willing to share their work. We are always open to suggestions and recommendations. The types of work can vary in form: needlework, quilts, ketubot, metal work, and other media.

For questions, or to suggest an artist, contact Sue Rudo, 301-598-1153.