Temple Emanuel’s library is accessible when the building is open, and the librarian is on-site during Religious School hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and by appointment. Our library collection serves the entire congregation – from preschoolers to Torah scholars – and is kept up-to-date with periodicals, DVDs, fiction and non-fiction on a wide variety of Jewish and Judaically-related topics. The library is home to computers and a printer, which are open for use, as well as a Google-accessible HD television. These recent technological upgrades have significantly enhanced the library’s offerings.

Donations to the Library Fund are always welcome, and are a wonderful way to acknowledge special occasions or to honor or memorialize beloved friends and teachers. In addition, the “Sefer Li/Birthday Book Club” program for Religious School students continues throughout the school year. Through this program, families are invited to donate $18 in honor of their child’s birthday. The child is then invited to choose a book that becomes a gift from the child to the library, a permanent part of our library that includes a bookplate with the child’s name. Over the years we have seen that this connection to the library helps bond our children to books and to the Temple; what better gift to a child?

Our library reflects the interests of the Temple Emanuel community, and your input is absolutely appreciated! Please notify the librarian of books, movies, or magazines you’ve read or heard about that you think we should have in our collection. IT’S YOUR LIBRARY and we encourage you and your children to take advantage of it! For more information, contact the librarian, Amy Turim at