Kol Hakavod Program

What is Kol Hakavod
This semester, we’ve launched a new student recognition program called Kol Hakavod, which means, All My Respect. Teachers submit names of students who have met one or more criteria of achievement during the previous month. Examples of achievement include: mastering a prayer in the Hebrew curriculum, demonstrating significant improvement in any area of the curriculum, regularly completing classroom activities, and/or behaving in a way that brings honor to themselves and their families.

Recognizing student achievement is an important part of schooling. Students who receive recognition not only feel uplifted and motivated to continue their behavior, but they also inspire their peers to excel.


We’re happy to share this video of our very first Kol Hakavod recognition assembly with you.
With special Thanks to Rob Katz who supplied the video.

{loadposition kol hakavod video}