Meet the 2019-2020 Board:

President: Rebecca D.

Rebecca is a senior at Walter Johnson High School. Before serving as KESTY president, she served as KESTY PVP for two years, and as the 8th grade rep before that! Rebecca is passionate about building up KESTY leaders. When she’s not managing KESTY, you can find her decked-out in WJ spirit gear or kicking butt at karate (she’s a black belt)!

 Programming VP: Callie N.

Callie is a junior at Sherwood high school. Callie is a natural planner, organizer, and go-getter. Callie served as last year’s communication VP, where she kicked off a new tradition of Instagram story campaigns! When Callie’s not writing detailed set ups for KESTY events, you can find her running cross country, solving complex chem equations, and avoiding spiders.

Social Action VP: Nathan R.

Nathan is a freshman at Walter Johnson high school. Nathan is passionate about social action, and wants to be a college history professor when he grows up. When he’s not writing innovative programs to engage KESTY teens in learning and taking action on social justice issues, you can find Nathan playing soccer, eating entire jugs of applesauce in a single day, or catching up on the latest anime trends.

Religious and Cultural VP: Lucy F.

Lucy is a senior at Rockville high school. She has years of experience in band, and is bringing her love of music and Jewish learning to her position in KESTY. When Lucy’s not planning services and learning for KESTY, you can find her making smash Jewish music playlists on Spotify, defeating the competition in powder puff, or celebrating the Nationals’ World Series win.

Membership and Communications VP: Naomi C.

Naomi is a freshman at Walter Johnson high school. She’s a technical wiz whose expertise at making and updating spreadsheets is on par with her plans to one day rule the world. When she’s not making friends with everyone in KESTY, you can find Naomi building sets for WJ’s performances, ballroom dancing, and reminiscing about Camp Louise.