High Holy Days

Mishkan HaNefesh

High Holy Days 2018 ~ 5779

Temple Emanuel began using the new Reform Movement Machzor – High Holy Day Prayerbook – three years ago for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The new Machzor includes separate volumes for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with updated translations, full transliteration, rich commentary and a beautiful selection of poetry.

Temple Emanuel does not provide High Holy Day prayerbooks, so we encourage you to purchase a set for each adult in your household. The cost is $45 for the 2-volume set (one book for Rosh Hashanah and one book for Yom Kippur). To purchase a set of prayerbooks, fill out an Order Form and send it to the Temple Office or call the office at 301-942-2000.

High Holy Days are a time for reflection, introspection, prayer, and re-connection.  We welcome you to join us in celebrating and observing these special Holy days.  We offer a variety of services to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse community. Please consult our calendar for a list of dates, times, and locations of services.

Members of the congregation are given High Holy Day tickets for two adults. Children 17 years old and under do not require a ticket.  Members are also welcomed to purchase additional tickets for other relatives and guests at a discount rate. Please call the Temple Office for information regarding childcare during daytime services.

If you are not a member of the congregation and not yet ready to make that committment, we are pleased to offer two different ways to join us. First, purchase High Holy Day tickets and if you decide to join the congregation shortly after the holidays have ended, we will apply the ticket costs toward your membership dues! Please contact our Membership Director for details. Or join us for Taschlich, or our Yom Kippur Afternoon and Yizkor services.

Additionally, we offer services for Pre-school, school-aged, and teenaged children, free of charge.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful High Holy Days together!

The 2018 – 5779 High Holiday Newletter has been sent out. Tickets will be mailed separately.

*Again this year: tickets will only be mailed to members who have submitted their 2018-2019 Membership Dues Pledge Form. If you need another form, please contact the Temple Office at 301-942-2000.

Click Here to view the 2018 ~ 5779 Newsletter