Hebrew School

Students grades 3 through 7 have their choice of attending Hebrew School on Sundays In-Person from 11:15 am to 1:00 pm or Tuesdays Online from 4:15 to 6:00 pm.

Behrman House:

The Twenty First Century of Hebrew Education is Here! We are going to reach the children where they like to learn…on the computer! We are thrilled to partner with Behrman House to provide online Hebrew Education. This program has the potential to really change the way we teach Hebrew in Religious Schools across North America and we are proud to be in the first cohort of schools participating in this program. In essence all homework and enrichments assigned to your child by our teachers will be available online via the Behrman House website. The Behrman House Online Learning Center will build students’ skills and fluency in Hebrew.

Students in the Behrman House Online Learning Center will have their own personalized classroom spaces accessible from any computer.

Students will be able to:

• practice Hebrew online

• access multi-media material posted by the teacher

• participate in moderated online discussions

• organize class projects

Prayer Folders:

All students, grades 3-7 received a folder with all the prayers and blessings they need to learn during the year, with certain dates by which the blessing or the prayers are to be mastered. The folder includes a CD (grades 4-7) with the Cantor’s rendition of all the relevant prayers and blessings.

On the dates marked in the folder, your students will bring the folders home for you to listen to them and to sign your name in the appropriate box. By doing so, you acknowledge that they have mastered the given prayer or blessing.