Global Mitzvah Team

“When you reap the harvest in your field and overlook a sheaf in the field, do not turn back to get it; it shall go to the stranger, the orphan, and the widow…Always remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt; therefore do I enjoin you to observe this commandment.”

(Deuteronomy 24:19-22)

The Global Mitzvah Team has established additional partnerships with two outstanding international charities: American Jewish World Service and Engineers Without Borders. We will continue our successful alliance with Plan USA/ Plan International through our Child Sponsorships of 6 year old Diego Perdomo from Morales, Guatemala, and 12 year old Kenneth Odhiambo from Rangwe, Nyanza province, Kenya. The team has also decided to become a Lending Team through Kiva and will make an initial loan to a Field Partner in Cambodia.

Current projects supported are:

Women-Led Biointensive Farming Project (with AJWS) – Developing a mini-training center in Nyanza province to teach women methods to produce food for their own families. With the Kilili Self-Help Project, women are trained to use simple, nature-based techniques like composting and organic pest control. These methods have enabled them to produce more food on small pieces of land, using 80% less water and 50%-100% less chemical fertilizer.

Santa Clara Clean Water System Project (with EWB: District of Columbia) – Providing a safe, ample water supply to the Santa Clara, El Salvador community. Water system components to be built include a pump, disinfection system, storage tank, and distribution network to serve 300 households. Our donation will purchase home water meters to assure equitable usage of water and monitoring of system effectiveness.

Safe Shelters for Refugee Children in Haiti (with Plan USA)Constructing child-friendly spaces to prevent children from abuse, exploitation and violence.

kiva is a site for disadvantaged people all over the world seeking small loans to start their own businesses. Join the Global Mitzvah Project Lending Team by making a donation for as little as $25, and help a borrower of your choice to improve the life and well being of their family.


Congregants are invited to join the Global Mitzvah team and attend our meetings. Please contact co-chairs, Stan Fagen or Caroline Smith DeWaal, for more information.

Stan Fagen
Co-chair, Global Mitzvah Project

To review project history and developments, visit ; Password: shalom.