Global Mitzvah Project

Global Mitzvah logo“Imagine congregants motivated by core Jewish values… teaching our community that being a Jew means caring for needs around our world and making a difference in small ways.” – Rabbi Warren Stone

The Global Mitzvah Project (GMP) plans and conducts fund-raising, educational and global advocacy activities to inspire active involvement of Temple Emanuel youth and adults in tikkun olam. In partnership with reputable international organizations like Plan USA/International, Tevel b’Tzedek, Engineers Without Borders, Innovation:Africa, and Free the Slaves, the GMP has pinpointed critical areas of need in many countries (e.g., Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, El Salvador, Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Cambodia). Funds have been raised to improve health, education, safety, food security, and self-determination for women and children in these countries. The project has demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice while involving a majority of the congregation in multi-faceted, community wide activities.

To date, 26 different projects have been supported in 17 countries. The total amount of funds donated to these projects has exceeded $40,000 thanks to the generosity of our congregation and friends. GMP celebrated its 10th Year in 2018 and completed two milestone products: (1) booklet featuring 10 of the GMT’s successful projects;
(2) team video describing the work of the GMP.  To review significant project activities and accomplishments visit:

Congregants are invited to join the Global Mitzvah Team and attend our meetings. Please contact co-chairs, Stan Fagen ( or Caroline Smith DeWaal ( for more information. is a site for disadvantaged people all over the world seeking small loans to start their own businesses. Join the Global Mitzvah Project Lending Team by making a donation for as little as $25, and help a borrower of your choice to improve the life and well being of their family.