Maccabiah Games

Get ready for our annual Field Day and Maccabiah Competition on Sunday, May 18th for the last day of Religious School! Classes are divided into either the blue or white team, and one class per grade will represent each side. Please see below and find your teacher’s name if you don’t yet know which team your class is on!

Grade BLUE Team class(by teacher) WHITE Team class(by teacher)
K Meirav Shahar Heather Levy
1 Rachel Seeger Mandi Solomon
2 Adam Landsman Nava Oxman
3 Ellen Kwait Hillary Frizner
4 Andrea Swartz Ayala Rosen
5 Marc Hershkowitz Joshua Dachs
6 Rivka DeGani

Talya Langbaum

ALL 7th Grade Students may be scorekeepers for the morning’s activities or are welcome to participate. Make sure to check in with Debra when you get to school in the morning!

If you’re in 5th, 6th, or 7th grade and would like to stay after for an end-of-the-year tie-dye event with kesty j., you can RSVP by email here!