Erev Shabbat Services

We have several types of Erev Shabbat Services, and hope you’ll come and enjoy them all!

One Shabbat a month, our 300 seat sanctuary is full to overflowing when we honor various classes in our Religious School with a family service which they help to lead.  Joined by our outstanding Junior Choir, Kol Ruach, the students share songs, stories, dramatic presentations and thoughtful readings about their experiences as Jewish young people.  Full of toe-tapping and hand-clapping, the music and spirit of this service bring the whole community together to celebrate the future of our congregation – our children.

Our very talented and active Adult Choir, Kol Zimrah shares their love of music and of prayer during one Friday Shabbat service every month, and they perform in various community concerts throughout the year.

Our home-grown band of temple members, the Mizmor L’Shabbat Ensemble, enhance our music and sense of community when they share the bimah leading many times during the year.