Bereavement – Quiet Support

The Bereavement Committee of our Temple family has been quietly providing support for members that lose a loved one.

After a call from the Temple office notifying the committee that someone has passed away, our caring wheels are put in motion. We offer a light, dairy condolence meal, prepared delivered, and served by committee volunteers. Almost everything that is necessary is brought to the home within as little as 24 hours notice. While the family is attending the funeral services, members of the bereavement committee are in the home of the grieving family getting ready for their return from the cemetery. We serve the food and leave the house as we found it. Whether or not a meal is requested, a personal card is sent to the bereaved member, expressing sympathy from our Temple Emanuel family.

Our congregation is proud to be a caring community. The Bereavement Committee provides sensitive care at a difficult time.

Other related support is also available, such as information about the plan available to Temple members for funeral arrangements, conducting Shiva services and other necessary, pertinent information. If you need information of this kind, call the Temple office, 301-942-2000.


Contracts Renewed by Jewish Funeral Practices Committee

The Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington has renewed its contracts on behalf of area congregations, which includes Temple Emanuel, with Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home in Silver Spring MD and Jefferson Funeral Chapel in Alexandria VA. Both companies have built special facilities for the needs of all Jewish funerals.

The Hines-Rinaldi renewal is for the period 7/1/04 through 6/30/06. The Committee has annual cost-of-living renewal options for the succeeding five years. The package price, including casket and services at a synagogue, gravesite, or the Hines-Rinaldi chapel, will be $1570, the same as it has been. As before, it also includes a gravesite at their affiliated cemetery, Menorah Gardens, in Rockville, if desired. Standard Jewish funeral goods and services are also included. Hines-Rinaldi has raised the price of some options, primarily the use of limousines.

Our contracts provide the community with quality funerals that uphold Jewish values: honor and privacy of the deceased, simplicity and equality in death, protection of the bereaved from exploitation, and facilitation of the Jewish rituals that each congregation considers to be appropriate. Our contract prices are public, thus setting the standard for Jewish funeral prices in the area and benefiting even those who don’t use our contracts. Use of our contracts since 1987 has saved the community more than 10 million dollars and some other funeral homes seem to be lowering their prices to compete with Hines-Rinaldi but be alert to all their hidden costs if you deal with them.

Please visit for further details.

–A. Fred Starobin (